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Computer Design Facility

Built-In Cupboard Centre Computer Design Facility

One of the most frequent problems that we encounter in Kitchens is flawed design resulting in IMPRACTICALITY and a poor use of the available space. This is normally the result of the Kitchen having been designed purely on price and secondly the fact that most people find it very difficult to visualize a floor plan which in most cases is all they are presented with.

We have overcome these problems by using , together with the client, a sophisticated Computer Design Package which allows us Colour views of the finished product in PLAN , 3D or Video Walkthroughformat.

The client is thus able to see exactly what the finished Kitchen will look like including appliances, sinks, windows, doorways etc and will be able to identify problem areas and see things that they are not happy with.

Different design options can be done with the client and individual units and appliances can be moved around showing what various configurations will look like and what the effects of these changes will be on the practicality of the finished product.

These views can also be printed out so that the client can take them home with them and stand in the Kitchen and imagine exactly what they will be getting.

This then takes all the guesswork out of designing the Kitchen as they will know before a single unit has been built exactly what they will be getting , what it will look like and what the cost will be!

Make Your Own Floor Plan

Floor Plans

To help you with the design and layout of your Kitchen /Bedroom we offer a full computer design facility and to this end we have included below a Graph paper scale page which you can print out, enter the relevant details into and fax or E mail to us and we will do the design and 3D graphics for you.


Click on this link. A new window will open with a graph sheet . Print out the scaled page and draw your room ,entering all the relevant sizes onto the sheet. Remember to show all windows doorways hatches etc, in their correct positions. Give the overall wall measurement as well as the individual measurements i.e. from corner to door, door width, door to window, window width, window to corner.

Show on the drawing where you envisage having the units and whether you require both Floor and Wall units.

Give dimensions of all Appliances ie Stoves, Fridges, Washing Machines etc, and also whether you will be requiring an Under counter Oven or an ELO and Hob and what size or Model.

State what type of Sink is required and where the connections are.