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Export Built-In Bedroom and Kitchen Cupboards

CLIPPA SYSTEMS units are ideally suited to the Export market. Being a Flat Pack system the associated transport costs involved in exporting Kitchen and Bedroom units are drastically reduced as all our exported units are either boxed or palletised. We are further able to custom manufacture units to a client’s specifications in order to maximise the available space in whatever form of transport is utilised, be it Containers, Trucks or Rail.

Add to this the fact that the CLIPPA SYSTEM units are of a very high quality, available in a large range of both sizes, colours and finishes and are incredibly simple to assemble and install and one has the perfect system for the export market.

Our Ultra modern computerised Design program enables us to give the client almost picture quality 3D designs , views and specifications of the proposed units. In this way the client is able to confirm that what we are supplying meets with their requirements and eliminates the doubt inherent in these situations.

Full technical support is given with all export orders and trained advisors are available on Skype, Email and Telephone during Office Hours if any assistance is required. We also offer a training program for Fitters either at our own premises or On Site should this be required by the Purchaser.

In conclusion we can offer a highly competitive, cost efficient and high quality product for the prospective importer backed by 25 years of experience and full technical assistance.